Frank Gaffney - Friday, November 08, 2019 03:35:02 PM
With the dismantling of the Berlin Wall, the most important symbol of what Ronald Reagan correctly described as the "Evil Empire."..[Full Story]
Frank Gaffney - Thursday, November 07, 2019 02:17:36 PM
A deeply moving subtext of the film is its portrayal of Harriet Tubman’s unshakable faith in God, whose grace repeatedly informed and often transformed her missions of.....[Full Story]
Frank Gaffney - Wednesday, November 06, 2019 01:46:32 PM
The question is what, if anything will now be done? Will we finally finish building "The Wall"? Will we put troops along the border to help secure it?..[Full Story]
Frank Gaffney - Friday, November 01, 2019 11:47:08 AM
Much of such hardship, devastation and dislocation arises from the fact that California’s largest electric utility has long neglected steps needed to enhance the.....[Full Story]
Frank Gaffney - Monday, October 28, 2019 05:03:06 PM
Commander-in-Chief Trump deserves credit for ordering such a dangerous mission, second only to that earned by the heroic special operators who executed it flawlessly...[Full Story]
Frank Gaffney - Friday, October 25, 2019 12:43:08 PM
The prospect that there may really be "equal justice under the law" will be heartening to many. It will also inspire new, frenzied opposition aimed at undermining the.....[Full Story]
Frank Gaffney - Tuesday, October 22, 2019 05:47:43 PM
China’s corporations aren’t required to comply with our transparency and accountability standards. One actually had $4.4 billion simply, fraudulently disappear...[Full Story]
Frank Gaffney - Wednesday, October 09, 2019 04:14:03 PM
John Durham, the veteran U.S. Attorney based in Connecticut who has been assigned to investigate the perpetrators of the "Russian-collusion hoax," is expanding his.....[Full Story]
Frank Gaffney - Tuesday, October 08, 2019 05:56:32 PM
The world will be a far more dangerous place if obvious adversaries, especially China, Russia, North Korea, Pakistan and Turkey, get preferential treatment and America’s.....[Full Story]
Frank Gaffney - Monday, September 30, 2019 02:58:42 PM
By deregistering companies linked to the Chinese Communist Party, and let’s face it, they pretty much all are, we can stop them from raising mega-billions on our capital.....[Full Story]
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